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Washington Update for 11/22/2019


November 22, 2019


 Inside this issue


TREA "The Enlisted Association" Washington Update



TREA "The Enlisted Association" Washington Update



Government funded to December 20, 2019 and TREA Welcomes New Deputy Director of Veterans and Military Policy



President Donald Trump signed a continuing resolution to extend funding through Dec. 20, averting a government shutdown. The CR (H.R. 3055) buys Congress time to continue its work on full-year fiscal 2020 appropriations. The House has passed 10 of 12 appropriations bills, while the Senate has passed four bills.

House and Senate leadership continue to negotiate spending caps as a means to move forward.  Congress returns from the Holiday and District Work period on Dec. 2 and is currently slated to be in session until Dec.13.  Depending on the status of the appropriations bills that time frame may be extended or a new CR will need to be executed to fund the Departments and Agencies that have not had their appropriations bills passed.


William H. McCabe

Mr. McCabe has joined TREA as the new Deputy Director of Veterans and Military Policy in the Washington D.C. Office. Bill brings over six years of Federal, State & Local Government experience to TREA, in addition to ten plus years of political campaign experiences. Bill has previously served in numerous roles for elected officials, most recently serving as Legislative and Communications Director for a member of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors.

Prior to his appointment with the Fairfax County Government, Bill served as a Professional Staff member and Legislative Fellow in several offices in the U.S. House of Representatives, demonstrating his deep knowledge of the legislative process, strategic communications, and the intersection of public and private constituencies. Bill has also held positions with several fortune 500 companies and law firms.

In addition to his public and private sector experiences, Bill has been a staunch advocate for Veterans Service Organizations throughout his career. In 2013, Bill lost a close friend to PTSD after his service in the U.S. Marine Corps. Since then, he has made it his mission to help Veterans who are struggling with suicidal thoughts, whether it's been lobbying on Capitol Hill for the PAWS Act or serving on the Board of Advisors for SemperK9 Assistance Dogs.

Bill also comes from a long line of military service members in his family. He is currently serving in the U.S. Army National Guard and attends Drill with the 116th Infantry Division in Leesburg, Virginia. Bill is a graduate of George Mason University, where he majored in Public Policy and minored in Public Relations. Bill considers Veterans affairs his passion in life and looks forward to representing TREA and working with Congress, VA, DoD, other Federal agencies and Military and Veterans Service Organizations.

Bill can be reached on email at or by phone at 703-684-1981.



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