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Washington Update for 2/14/2020


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TREA "The Enlisted Association" Washington Update



TREA "The Enlisted Association" Washington Update



H.R. 5701 -- TREA Supports Care for the Veteran Caregiver Act



TREA Joins NMVA and Members of Congress on Behalf of Veteran Caregivers

TREA's Director, Ken Greenberg (right center, with red tie)
 TREA's Deputy Director, Bill McCabe (right, with purple tie)

WASHINGTON: TREA is a member of The National Military & Veterans Alliance, (NMVA), a nonpartisan umbrella organization of 35 veteran- and military-serving organizations. NMVA endorses HR 5701, the Care for the Veteran Caregiver Act of 2020. We have urged the earliest consideration by the House Veterans Affairs Committee, including a legislative hearing, mark-up, and Committee vote. Yesterday, we joined Representative Richard Hudson and Representative Kathleen Rice, who sponsored the bill, at a press conference alongside other VSOs, caregivers, and veterans. Here is a video clip of the news conference. TREA's Director Ken Greenberg speaks from minute 9:20 until minute 10:45:

TREA's Director, Ken Greenberg (left) speaks on behalf of TREA and NMVA at the Press Conference

The Care for the Veteran Caregiver Act will fix these concerns. Specifically, the bill:

  • Extends the stipend payments to and CHAMPVA eligibility for caregivers to at least 180 days after the death of an eligible veteran.
  • Eliminates unnecessary and redundant re-evaluation requirements for veterans who require the most significant levels of care.
  • Standardizes nationally the initial and annual eligibility evaluation process.

NMVA hopes these issues will be addressed during the regulatory process of the expanded Caregiver program required by the MISSION Act. NMVA continue to be concerned with VA's perpetual delays in the roll out of the Caregiver expansion program.

 TREA's Deputy Director, Bill McCabe (left), with Rep. Richard Hudson (right), and Military Order of the Purple Heart National Vice Commander Francisco Elizalde (center)

TREA's Director of Veterans & Military Policy and NMVA Co-Director Ken Greenberg, states:
"VA's continued delays in issuing regulations lead us to believe that legislative action in HR 5701 is needed now." 

TREA members are urged to contact their Members of Congress and ask that they support for H.R. 5701. 




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