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Coronavirus Updates - April 8th, 2020


 Inside this issue


TREA "The Enlisted Association" Washington Update



TREA "The Enlisted Association" Washington Update



Coronavirus updates from VHA



TREA continues to work with the Department of Veterans Affairs Veterans Health Administration and is sharing this information for those of you using VA health care services.
Latest COVID-19 Quick Start Guide: *New*
Latest COVID-19 VA News Release: *New*
Latest VHA COVID-19 FAQs: *New information*
Latest on Maintaining Your Mental Health: *New*
Latest Vantage Point entry: *New*
Latest video from Dr. Stone: *New*
Latest VA Virtual Care PSA:
Latest VA's COVID-19 response plan:
Latest VA Video Connect Flyer:
Latest VHA guidance for Community Providers:
Latest VHA guidance:
Latest CDC Guidance:
Finally, please emphasize that VA is asking Veterans to call their VA medical center before going to an appointment if they are experiencing any symptoms such as shortness of breath, wheezing, sneezing, coughing, or fever.  Calling first helps us protect Veterans, medical staff, and other patients. We are also strictly limiting the number of visitors to one per patient.

Members are encouraged to check the TREA Facebook account at @TheEnlistedAssn and Twitter account at @TREA_DC for the most updated details.  The TREA Home Page and Legislative tab also provides valuable content on  COVID-19 efforts to keep veterans and active duty members and families informed.




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