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Let your voice be heard - Vote for the new National Board

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TREA "The Enlisted Association" Washington Update



TREA "The Enlisted Association" Washington Update



Vote for Board of Directors and By Laws and Standing Rule Changes



Only TREA Members in Good Standing can Vote 
Your individual code to vote is listed on your mailing label of the VOICE Magazine delivered at the beginning of August.

Make sure your voice is heard -

Voting is now taking place for all 7 board positions and
Bylaws & Standing Rule Changes

Every TREA member, has the ability to have their vote counted in deciding the new Board as well as approving/disapproving proposed changes to the National Bylaws and Standing Rules

For this year's voting, we have all 7 positions of the board up for election.  Only one position is running with opposition and that is the position of President.   We have two very qualified candidates running for this position:  Greg Barnett and Justin Jump.   It is your responsibility to decide for yourself which candidate you think would make the best choice as National President.  You can do this by going to our website ( and clicking on 'Nominees for National Office' and reading through the detailed information (resumes, speeches, letters of recommendation).   

Once you have made your decision, it's time to actually vote -  keep in mind that even though the other 5 positions have candidates that are running unopposed, you can still show your support and encouragement by voting 'YES' on their name.  We do have one position that is left open - with no candidate.  This Director position is not listed on the ballots and will be filled by the incoming board in accordance with Bylaw, Article V, Section 5.

Bylaws and Standing Rule proposed changes - there are 6 Bylaw changes and 2 Standing Rule changes.  You can view the detailed information on our website ( and clicking on 'Proposed Bylaw & Standing Rule Changes for 2020'.  If you have any questions or would like further information on any of the proposed changes, please contact us at or by calling us at 303-752-0660.  We will get you in touch with the Bylaw & Standing Rule Committee Chair who will be able to address your concerns.

Important information that pertains to both mail-in votes and on-line votes - your vote is recorded and registered using the 7 digit/letter that is shown on your address label.  Your name cannot be used to cast your vote.  All votes are confidential and the individual results will not be shared.  You must be a member in good standing, which means that your membership needs to be paid up through September 16th, 2020.  If your membership expires before September 16th, you will need to renew your membership in order to vote.  In these cases, we will provide you with your unique 7 digit/letter code that will enable you to vote.
For Mail-In voting:  Use the ballot form on page 18 of the recent VOICE magazine.   You must use the actual printed ballot that is on page 18 - (scans, copies and other reproductions will not be accepted).   Answer each question, enter your 7 digit/letter code from the mailing label, tear/cut the sheet out of the magazine, fold in up and put it in the pre-addressed envelope that is included in this issue of The VOICE, stick a stamp on it and throw it in the mail.  It really is that simple.   The unique 7 digit/letter code will be used to record your vote.   The only thing that you need to be aware of is that you must mail your response in time for it to be received in Mineola, NY by September 14th.   Since USPS can sometimes be a little slow, we are recommending that you mail early.   It's OK for your ballot to be received early, it's not OK for it to be received late.

For On-line voting:  Go to your favorite web browser - it doesn't matter which one, they all work the same.   Enter this link  This will take you directly to a TREA log in page.  You will need to enter the 7 digit/letter Unique Identifier code that is on your mailing label and your zip code (this ensures voting integrity and prohibits multiple votes).  Once you enter your code and your zip code, click 'continue', this will take you to the actual ballot page.  You can click on an individual candidate's name to read their full resume, speech and seconds.  The same thing is true for the Bylaws and Standing Rules.  Clicking on an individual name or Bylaw does not count as a vote - this simply takes you to detailed information.  You have to actually click on the YES to vote for a Board of Director candidate and you must select 'Approved' or 'Disapproved' for each Bylaw and Standing Rule.  Once you complete your vote, click 'SUBMIT'.  You will be given the opportunity to review and verify your vote.  You can click 'RETURN' to change a vote or to fill in a missed vote, or you can continue to submit your vote by clicking 'VOTE'.  If you return to make changes, you will once again be given the opportunity to review your decision before making it final by clicking on the 'VOTE' button.  Once you click the 'VOTE' button, your vote is final and changes cannot be made.  You will receive a confirmation of your vote with the date and time that your vote was submitted.  That's it - it truly is that simple - and quick!

As always, we encourage every member to visit our national website  often as updates and changes are posted regularly (

If you want to participate in the online voting process, but are unsure of the process, or just want someone close by 'just in case' - give us a call. (303-752-0660).   Each Headquarter staff member has been thoroughly trained in the process and can easily walk you through each step.  



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