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TREA launches Financial Aid Program


May 21, 2021

Contact:  Debbie Osborne



TREA Launches Financial Assistance Program for Families in Need


DENVER, COLORADO:  TREA: The Enlisted Association, representing enlisted service members, veterans, retirees, and their families, has launched a financial ail program to assist those in need.  "TREA GIVES" is a program ddesigned to help enlisted service members who have served or are currently serving with emergency expenses like rent, utilities and food.  It has been reported that COVID 19 is responsible for 17% of military spouse unemployement, this resulted in 7% of veteran's families seeking out emergency food assistance in the last 6 months, and 6% were unable to make payments on basic utilities and rent.  This program goes beyond those affected by COVID19, it is to help fill the need from whatever is causing financial stress for those brave men and women who have fought and are still fighting for our country.  Any service member who retired, is honorably discharged or is actively serving in the United States Military, (including Guard & Reserve) are eligible to apply for financil assistance through TREA.


The application process is designed to be simple in nature with online fillable forms (printed applications are available upon request).  There are required docuemnts:  a DD-214 or equivalent showing discharge status, a statement of current financial stauts, a written explanation of the curren situation and a plan/process to regain control of the situation.  Proof of current income and expenses is also required.  The response time is typically 3-5 days, but immediate funds can be made available for emergency travel and shelter.


In addition to providing relief for rent, utilities and foof, TREA can also assit if you have been a victim of a natural disaster or if you are homeless and need a safe place to stay for the night.


To apply to TREA's Financial Aid program, CLICK HERE, where you can fill it out online and e-mail it back to us, or print it out, fill it im and mail it back.  Remember that if you opt for the online submission, your application may be received quicker, but it will not be processed until we have all the required documentation.


You do NOT have to be a TREA member to apply for financial aid throgh us.


If you have any additional questions, simple give TREA a call at 303-752-0660 or email us at TREAHQ@TREA.ORG.

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