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PACT ACT - Deadline for Backdated Compensation -

TREA Members,

Thanks to the PACT Act, millions of Veterans who were exposed to burn pits, Agent Orange, and other toxic substances are now eligible for VA health care and benefits. The PACT Act adds to the list of health conditions that VA will assume or “presume” are caused by exposure to these substances. 

While there is no deadline to apply for PACT Act-related benefits, there is urgency. Most Veterans and survivors who apply for benefits or submit an “Intent to File” by August 9, 2023 will have their benefits and compensation backdated to August 10th of last year.

As such, we highly encourage you to apply by visiting or by calling 1-800-MYVA411.

Again, there’s no official deadline to apply for PACT Act benefits. However, if you file your PACT Act claim or submit your intent to file by August 9, 2023 you may receive benefits backdated up to 1 year!

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